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Ep 1: 5 Key Foundations to Stand Out From the Crowd and Being Seen as an Authority in your field

Ep 2: 5 Common Barriers that’ll keep you stuck from becoming known as an Authority in your field

Ep 3: The System, Program & Process that’ll enable you to turn increased influence and impact into significant income

BONUS Episode: From Podcast Listener into Lead: 3 KEY Strategies to Cut Through the Noise and Nurture prospects into paying customers with Your Thought Leader Podcast Series

Who is Annemarie Cross?

Annemarie Cross is known as ‘The Podcasting Queen.’

However, prior to work in the podcasting space, Annemarie’s background has been in the area of personal branding, marketing and communications, initially in the career industry, working with Executives and Professionals, and later within the business world, supporting coaches and consultants.

Having won multiple awards, being a sought-after speaker and educator, Author of: Ace That Interview – Cutting-Edge Interview Techniques EXPOSED!, and contributing author of numerous of Career titles, as well as sitting on an International Board of Resume Writing Certification Experts and a Judging Panel for the world’s highest echelon in Resume Writing Awards – the TORI awards (of which she has won several herself over the years).

While Annemarie loves to educate and empower her clients – she is not just an educator, but is a practitioner through and through. She practices what she preaches – even today in her business and wouldn’t expect her clients to do anything she hasn’t learned and/or implemented herself. Because she knows what she teaches – works! By working with Annemarie and implementing the principles she teaches around money, marketing and mindset - clients have doubled and even tripled their results, been paid to speak nationally, won awards – just to name a few of the successes.

The principles, practices and processes that Annemarie continues to teach enabled them to accelerate their success to being seen, known and recognised as Industry Thought Leaders.

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